A really quick update

I went to the gym with my cousin these past two days. She takes Zumba class, which is like Latin dancing meets aerobics, and it is intense but fun! It is hard to keep up with the moves as a newbie because the pace of the class is so fast and there are a lot of people in the class. I just make up my own moves and try to keep in time with the music. One of these days I’ll get into the rhythm and learn the steps… ;)

Other than that, my internship ended on July 16th and I am waiting for my next one to start in mid- or late-August working on direct mail marketing and other things with the Princeton University Press on the Princeton U. campus. I’m really looking forward to it. :) Right now, I am taking it easy and will have a lot going on with cleaning out and cleaning up my grandma’s house for the closing in two weeks.

I started a new crochet project: A big blanket made up of 8×8 (inch) squares- 40 of them! I have two done so far… so hopefully I’ll be done in time to use it, oh, for next winter. Haha!