I’m going to get my hair done today!!! :biggrin: I am totally excited, because it has been too long since I got a hair cut and I really need to get the colour fixed. I tried to dye my hair red in December using Garnier dye, but it came out bad; actually, only little sections of my hair were dyed, so it really didn’t come out at all. At the time, I had black hair dye and really didn’t want to go out to the store again, so I said fuck it and dyed my hair black. I wanted to try going all-black for a while, anyway, so I went for it and I honestly enjoyed it – but after a while, I got tired of it. I couldn’t change the colour, and trying to touch up the sections of new growth with matching brown hair dye didn’t work, so I was stuck with (and still have) roots from where my natural blonde colour is growing back in.

Instead of bleaching and then dying my hair something close to my natural colour, I think we are going to try to match or slightly lighten the colour I currently have, which I can best describe as a dark-to-medium brown colour. I figure that it would be all-around easier to do that, then add some pretty highlights, maybe caramel and/or red, and a new cut. The best part of it all? While at my cousin’s Memorial Day party, I met a girl who is a stylist and, although she claims she has been doing hair for 10 years, currently works at the salon in the mall as an assistant. She offered to do my hair as a “practice,” which means that I am going to be (hopefully!!) charged at cost. How awesome is that?! I never get hooked-up with any good deals like that, so I am even more excited.