Ugh, people suck…

Bon Jovi are performing a free concert in Central Park this Saturday. Apparently 60,000 tickets were given out by the City on a first-come, first-serve basis with a limit of two tickets per person.

And as expected, dickheads weren’t stopped from selling these supposed-to-be-free tickets for up to $1,500 a piece on eBay. The tickets explicitly say that they cannot be resold. It’s a free fucking concert – why not go to it?? Bon Jovi tour enough at major venues. For fuck’s sake, they performed 6 dates in a row at the new Prudential center in Newark, NJ last year. Tickets were available for that up until the day of the even for face-value, so why pay fucking $1,500 to stand out in Central Park with 60,000 people????

Well. Maybe I would pay $15. In fact, yeah, I would definitely pay $15 for tickets. Principal tells me that I shouldn’t because they are supposed to be free, but whatever. People suck ass, and at least $15 is reasonable – $1,500 isn’t.

The next thing I need to look out for is Chris Rock tickets for the Borgata in August. They are sold out on Ticketbastard. Scalpers are already up on websites and especially on eBay, where I saw four tickets posted for $990. If you see anything posted, or happen to have extras, please let me know. I have been a fan for about 10 years and have been waiting for such a long time to see him live!!!!!!!!!!