A Mini Overhaul for 2015

So, the site is back! I took it down over the weekend as I worked to clean-up a lot of the content. Needless to say, it was a mini-overhaul.

What you’ll find:

Most, if not all, of the pages on the top navigation bar have been refreshed. My bio still needs some re-writing, but I am going to mull that over for some time. Some of the older pages that have been around for over a decade were eliminated and combined with the top navigation pages. Don’t worry, it wasn’t any useful content.

Categories have been renamed and combined. Entertainment, for example, has all of the movie reviews, book reviews, and random, fanatic Nine Inch Nails and/or Trent Reznor-related project updates that I have been known to post. #sorrynotsorry

Many posts have been re-titled, tagged, and links updated. Since I am a one-woman show, there are over 700 posts, and only so many hours in the day, I still have a lot of work to do on this front and will continue to do over the next week. Mainly, I was working from the oldest posts to the newest, since a lot of what was posted was random or personal content from over the years that needs to be tailored or made private.

And, finally, a new layout! Needless to say, ain’t nobody got the time anymore for making layouts from scratch, especially when there are a number of perfectly competent web designers feeding into a listing of thousands of themes to choose from on the WordPress site. Once of these days, I’ll get my coding chops back, or at least find something basic enough that I can work with, but today is not one of these days. This one is a child-theme of WordPress’ Twenty Fourteen, so it is similar to the previous version. My motive here was how much I hated that skinny, black lefthand sidebar in the native theme. For me, it was too small to be useful. This layout nicely eliminated that sidebar to focus on a large center section for content and a fat, right sidebar and footer. I believe it is still responsive, although I haven’t checked it out on my tablet or phone yet. I also changed the colors to a dusty mauve chromatic instead of the kelly green links and accents that were previously featured in this layout, since I liked that better.

There is still some tweaking to do over the next few weeks, but it is a start. Please enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “A Mini Overhaul for 2015”

  1. This looks fabulous! I always thought Twenty Fourteen suited you, but adding the funky mauve color makes this look more like the style I’ve known for so long.

    I’m doing a 7 Posts in 7 Days challenge soon with a friend who’s looking to kickstart her blogging. I found NaBloPoMo so helpful but way too demanding, so that’s our modified version. Would you like to do the same with me sometime?

    1. Thanks, Lindsay! I thought about incorporating a few different colors, but once I found the main mauve color, used on the navigation bar, choosing a lighter and a darker color seemed liked a nice option; a subtle and easy monochromatic effect that I’ve always been a fan of doing. Glad you like it!

      I think I participated in a posting challenge a very long time ago. I read your post about doing the 30 posts in 30 days, but refresh my memory — is that the same as NaBloPoMo? 7 days sounds much more approachable. Let’s definitely think about doing that sometime this year. :)

      1. Strictly speaking, NaBloPoMo requires posting every single day for a month. November is the main month because it’s the blog version of NaNoWriMo. NaBlo got so popular that they do a smaller, thematic version every month instead of just November. I missed the first couple days of November, so I changed my goal to 30 posts in 30 days, and I met it! My traffic and energy were down so much in December (when I had a “3 posts a week” goal) that I decided to try for every day in January. Then that became 31 in 31, and then I failed. Thus, I’m trying a 7 in 7 next week.

        I’m putting this on my to-do list to revisit with you. :)

        1. Wow! Consistently posting for a month sounds like it would be a challenge, so I applaud you on at least trying! It is hard to generate that volume of content, especially quality content, when you are working as a one woman blog. WordPress told me that there were 20 revisions on my latest post before it was published (although minor tweaks, like adding a period or changing a word, are marked as a revision), which makes sense since I generally write this type of content via a stream of consciousness before realizing that I need to go trim it down and make other changes. Writing and editing aside, the thought of daily blogging really becomes a Herculean task when you throw photos and other media in the mix, which I would love to improve on to keep up with the demand for rich content and prevent the site from looking like a wall of text.

          Either way, please do remind me that we should do this sometime later in the year; it still sounds like a fun challenge!

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