A new look

This is going to be the new layout style. Admittedly, I’m lazy. I did not code this myself – it’s a WordPress theme that I downloaded, once again, from the a WP theme directory. As usual, I’m not sticking with the original look; I always end up changing something on layouts I download and use, while giving credit for the original creator (see the bottom of the layout for links.)

As you can see, I’m in the process of changing the colour theme to one I’ve put together…

Color by COLOURlovers

…And I’m also going to make a new header to match, once I figure out what I want to put there. In the mean time, it might end up being something simple, like geometric shapes- we’ll see.

One thought on “A new look”

  1. I like the color palette a lot. I can definitely sense the need for a header image. Geometric shapes could look really great. Maybe triangles?

    (Not the most profound of comments, I know, but first-year teaching turns your brain to mush.)

    Lindsay´s last blog post: Friday Five: Alien Invasion

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