A trip to The Martha Stewart Show!

As previously mentioned, on the day that I was unable to go to the Rachael Ray Show because of inclimate weather, I received a notice that I was selected to go to a taping of The Martha Stewart Show.

My mom and I were all set to go yesterday and had a hotel room booked just outside of the city that we arrived at late last evening. I got an email midday, saying that there were extra tickets to the show, so I called my cousin to let her know since she is such a big fan. She – of course – agreed to come along. We had a lot of fun going to dinner last night, then braving the cold and the NYC traffic to get to the show early at 8:00am this morning.

The show was taped and aired live around 11:00am EST and will repeat during the day today on the Hallmark Channel. The theme of the show was citrus fruit and featured: citrus juicing tips, candied citrus peel made by June Taylor (who owns a bakery and confections shop in California), citrus-inspired dishes from Whole Living magazine, an adorable citrus-themed craft (barstools with tops painted to look like lemons, limes, and oranges), citrus growing advice from Martha (with a video of her giving a tour of her private greenhouse), and a fashion show featuring models wearing bright, citrusy colors that are really hot for spring right now. They really packed a lot of fun things into the hour long show, and it literally felt like we were there longer than we were!

Aside from the whole experience being super-cool (the staff were all very accomodating and friendly, the sets were gorgeously decorated and designed, Martha was fabulous, and her dogs were adorable), the handouts were also great and appropriately themed. All audience members were given a gift certificate to Talbots, a citrus juicer, a citrus press, and a little sample of the candied June Taylor citrus that they made on the show to take home. We also got the chance to sample some really good, cold, fresh-squeezed tangerine juice while we were there; the tangerines came from Cee Bee’s Citrus Monarch tangerines.

We were given the opportunity to take pictures before the show started and after the show was done taping. Here’s one of her set, and the rest can be seen at my Facebook page (if we’re friends on FB) or in my public gallery hosted here at my domains.

Martha's kitchen

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