Awesome bargains from the Urban Decay sale

Lookie what came in the mail for me yesterday… my order from Urban Decay. :grin: My new work shoes also came, but that will be another post where I will rave about my new found love for Easy Spirit shoes. I purchased 4 pairs of them in the last 2-3 months, they are that comfortable, but again that will be another post.

Anywhoo, here’s what I got.

The limited edition “Quinceañera” makeup bag. Super sparkly purple with gold hardware! I didn’t look inside yet, but the picture on the website showed the interior and it looked VERY roomy. All of my makeup bags tend to be small and crowded or overflowing, so I am definitely looking forward to using this. It is now sold out on the website, but available on Amazon, eBay and the like. Retail: $26. Sale: $9.

“Lickable” marshmallow scented/flavored sparkly body powder. I didn’t get it because it was lickable, contrary to popular belief. I had some sparkly body lotions and stuff in the past and figured I’d try something more subtle that wasn’t loaded with glitter or bronzer. Retail: $29. Sale: $9.

Cowboy Junkie set with full-sized lip gloss. I love compact palettes like this. I’m currently using the Too Faced Glamour 2 Go palette, which is the absolute perfect size and price ($22) for what it contains: approx. 6-8 eye shadows, a bronzer, a blush and a gloss in a compact with a mirror. This one is just for eyes, 4 very neutral shadows and a eye liner, with a full sized neutral pinkish-peach colored gloss. Retail: $38. Sale: $19.

Finally, the XL Eden Eyeshadow Primer. This is something I have been wanting to try for ages- and if you want to try it, too, now is a good time to because they are getting rid of this “old style” bottle and discounting the stock they have. It is supposed to make your eye shadows last longer, providing a protective “barrier” that stops them from flaking or smudging off. In fact, I’ll probably try it along with the Cowboy Junkie set. Retail: $23. Sale: $15.

I also got a free sample of some kind of cheek color. I like bronzer and I’m not usually a blush wearer, but it was free so I’ll give it a try. Maybe it will make me change my mind about blush, we’ll see.

Grand total before tax came to $52. Without the discount, I would have paid $116 before tax. You can look at it as saving $64 or the equivalent of buying only the marshmallow powder and XL eye shadow primer at full price. WOW, WOW, WOW. I was also $2 over the threshold for free shipping, which is always a great bonus.

So if you need to buy some makeup – or if you want to buy some makeup and don’t necessarily need more of it, which is the camp that I frequently fall into – check out Urban Decay’s sale while there are still good things left in stock!