BRC Internship: Day 4

Tom, the person I normally work with on marketing, was out again today; he must have taken the day to recuperate after not feeling well yesterday, and rightfully so. I was working with Deb again, helping her with phone calls to update clients’ contact information and check on their store inventory of our chips. I was told by one client that the chips didn’t sell well at all and they ended up putting the last batch they ordered in the clearance bin. He was very nice about it, but they probably won’t be ordering any more from us. News like that is discouraging, but what are you going to do? Not everyone is into the raw foods or at least willing to try new things. It’s just business.

Other people I spoke to over the phone were also friendly and the conversations were less discouraging. Most told me that they were good for a while, but some wanted to place orders over the phone that minute. One store that placed their first order last week re-ordered from me today when I called to check up. They turned out to be the biggest order that I took that day: $240 for 4 cases. Each case they ordered contains 12 chips, but we can customize orders for any sized store. Some locations, like a few large Whole Foods stores, apparently order by the pallet, but I have yet to see an order that huge. The biggest order I think I saw was for the Whole Foods in Princeton and that was around a $600 order. The wholesale price is $5/bag and they sell for $7, so that’s not a huge profit compared to some products and everything is handmade including the bags.

There were two other orders I took for $100 and $60. I made invoices for all three of the orders using Quickbooks, but I jotted the info down on a piece of paper for Deb to review – just in case. She also needed to add the shipping information, because there is a certain way she figures it out that I didn’t know, as well as any other information that I didn’t know how to add. Quickbooks is good to know, so I am glad to be getting some experience using it. It seems like a very powerful program, but the interface is relatively easy to navigate and self-explanatory.