BRC Internship: Day 5

I came in at 8:00am today to find that the door was locked and nobody was in the office part of the building. Hmmm… I went around back to find that, thankfully, the back door was open and there were people working in the back. It was the best day of the week! I was by myself until about 10:30am or 11:30am, very peaceful, and managed to get quite a few things done.

As always, I cleaned up the Facebook and Twitter pages, gave Facebook fans happy birthday wishes, and posted some updates on both sites. I had that file folder that I got and started working on yesterday, full of correspondances from bloggers who were emailed about sampling and reviewing our chips on their websites. Nobody ever followed up, so I created a big Excel spreadsheet with all of the information, made a survey of 10 questions for the people to take to let us know how they liked the chips, and then emailed all of the people who did reviews. So far, a people got the review link and filled out the survey. After I made the blogger survey, I made a survey for the Facebook and Twitter fans to take. It will be interesting to see how many of the 3,204 fans on Facebook end up taking the survey by the time my 5 weeks with the company are done.

I started going through the client list after I was done with the bloggers and surveys. I wanted to do a Google search on some of the clients to see if they had websites, Facebooks, and Twitter profiles that we could add to our records and pages. I was able to add some of the larger stores that sell our chips.

By the time Deb came in, I was working on a spreadsheet that I am going to use to keep track of my hours, work, and other things. After packaging up a few small internet orders to be finalized by Deb and then shipped out, I ended up leaving about an hour early, since I had two longer days at the beginning of this week and had put about 28 hours in. Quite honestly, I’d love to modify my schedule and work a few longer hours at the beginning of the week and shorter hours at the end of the week. I might mention that to Tom after this following week is over and see what he says. If not, it’s no big deal, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.