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Review: No Reservations

On Wednesday, Josh and I went to The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley to walk around and ended up going to the movies to see No Reservations. We both wanted to see it for the longest time and, overall, we both enjoyed it, although parts were sappy. Catharine Zeta Jones played Kate, a cold-hard bitch of a head chef at a sophisticated restaurant in New York City. After an accident which claimed the life of Kate's sister, Kate became the caretaker of her niece, Zoe, and discovered how clueless she ... Continue Reading

Review: Shooter

Tonight, my mom recommended ordering Shooter to watch, since she saw it before in the movies and enjoyed it -- partly because it was intriguing, but mainly because it had Mark Wahlberg in it. The story is about an ex-Marine scout shooter, Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlberg). While in the Marines, Swagger was assigned to a mission out in Africa where he lost his buddy due to some "friendly fire" from an allied helicopter. Three years after returning from the mission and retiring, he was still feeling remorse ... Continue Reading

Review: The Perfume

The Perfume is the story about a guy who is blessed with the gift of extraordinary smell. He develops an obsession with capturing, essentially, the "scent" of a woman and acts that out in malicious ways -- kidnapping and murdering women, then hiding their bodies and clothes around town. It was an alright movie with a cool concept, but certain parts, such as the ending, were extremely laughable. Ridiculous, actually. After watching the movie, I would like to read the book to see if the story ... Continue Reading

Review: The Simpsons Movie

I just got back from seeing The Simpsons Movie with friends. A lot of people have been giving it some slack in reviews, but I thought it was awesome. An absolute riot. We laughed our asses off; we were probably the loudest ones in the theater! As one might imagine, the Simpsons get into a trouble -- a lot of trouble. The movie tells the story about Homer and his adopted pig, and some environmental hazards which threaten to destroy the entire town of Springfield. Familiar characters from the long-running ... Continue Reading

Movies and Such

That last post wasn't exactly an epic novel and nor was it supposed to be. It was just a small update expressing my happiness about the server change going through smoothly, thanks to my super new host and the help of the tech support guys over at the help desk. In the future, I will probably disable comments on small posts like those, since there is really nothing to them. Anyway. Moving on. A few days ago, I went to see Ratatouille and left as amazed with Pixar's work as I always have been. ... Continue Reading