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Recipe: Quick Pineapple Salsa

This quick recipe for pineapple salsa couldn't be easier to make and reminded me of summer when I ate it, which was nice to think about considering the cold weather we've had here in the Northeast as of late. I originally made this as an accompaniment to eat with seared tuna steaks that were been marinated in soy sauce, ginger, and other Asian-inspired ingredients. It would also be great with swordfish, mahi mahi, or quesadillas, too. And, there is also the obvious: eat it with some tortilla chips. ... Continue Reading

Cool news!!!

So a month or two ago, I put in a ticket request for free tickets to the taping of the Rachael Ray Show. This week, I received an email saying that I was in the preliminary selection pool to get tickets to one of her upcoming shows. There were three different days and two different times each day to choose from. I just had to email back (it was on a first come, first serve basis) and answer a few of the questions that they had, including what show and time I wanted to go to, in order to be considered ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Eggnog French Toast

While flipping through a recent issue of one magazine (maybe Better Homes and Gardens), I saw an idea for how to use up leftover eggnog from the holidays. Well, there just so happened to be a whole quart of it, unopened, in my refrigerator and I didn't want it to go to waste, so I made breakfast. I looked up a recipe for eggnog french toast, since I couldn't find the magazine article. Many of them called for a lot of eggnog, eggs, and bread, but I decided to just wing it since I was only cooking ... Continue Reading

Diet Progress: Day 2 Recap

Yesterday I said that there would be pictures in today's post and I'm keeping my promise. You can click for larger pictures, I just put the smaller ones in here to take up less space. :D For breakfast: Coffee with fat free creamer and one container of Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt with probiotics. I love this yogurt because it comes in yummy flavors like blueberry pomegranate and cherry. Even the fat free kind is thick and rich, not thin and watery like some fat free yogurts tend to be. After breakfast, ... Continue Reading

A well-deserved plug

Frequent viewers should know that a lot - I repeat, a lot - of ridiculous things happen on The Food Network. I'm excited to see that someone has finally taken the time to point out these FoodNet funnies and post them in a collective place. I honestly can't tell you how many conversations I've had with friends about Paula Deen's abuse of butter, Bobby Flay's gratuitous use of chiles, and Sandra Lee's "Cocktail Time" - but that is just to mention only a few topics related to the FN out of countless ... Continue Reading