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Party Time!: Country-inspired Birthday

Last weekend, I helped my friend Dawn cook for her mom's surprise 60th birthday party. The theme was country-inspired -- bandannas, plaid shirts, jeans... -- so, of course, the menu had to include a lot of comfort foods. She picked out a lot of great things that and, with the help of friends and relatives, we were pretty efficient with serving the courses on time. The food was plenty enough to feed about 30 people, with leftovers, and from what she told me she was able to keep the whole thing under ... Continue Reading

Kitchen Tips: Spicing Up Chinese Takeout

Hey everyone. I thought I'd share some food tips for jazzing up bland Chinese takeout and making Asian-style meals at home. I was inspired to write this because the other night I came home from school around 8:00pm and didn't feel like cooking- it was just too long of a day. I saw some leftover shrimp lo mein in the fridge that we got from a local Chinese restaurant the other night, but it really lacked flavor. I thought about ways to make it better, so it was actually enjoyable to eat, then the ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Chickpea Stew

I did a Google search the other day for vegetable stew because I was in a "stew" kind of mood since it was chilly out, and I found a great recipe for a Middle Eastern-inspired chickpea stew. Of course I added to the recipe and changed a few things, but overall it turned out wonderful served over couscous. This is supposed to be a hearty stew, so don't chop the vegetables too fine. I stuck to a medium dice on most of the vegetables and cut the carrots into half-moons about 1/4 inch thick, and everything ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Vegetarian-friendly Shepherds Pie

Here's a recipe for vegetarian shepherds pie that is ridiculously easy to make and very satisfying. I made it twice in the past week with slight variations each time. The first time, I used four cheese instant mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese on top, and noticed that it needed something to "bind" the meat and vegetable mixture. The second time, I used sour cream and chive instant mashed potatoes and a blend of cheeses (pepperjack and cheddar) on top, and used a flour and milk mixture to bind the ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Potato Pancakes

Since I have a large bag of potatoes on hand (I'm part-Irish, what can I say? :wink:), I was looking for something to do with them before they turned rotten and useless. Fortunately, an old vegetable cookbook that I found on my bookcase, Vegetable Cooking of All Nations, edited by Florence Schwartz, had about 70-something recipes for potatoes. Using one of the recipes I found in the book, I made something that I've been craving to eat for a week or two now: potato pancakes. Potato pancakes have ... Continue Reading