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Chocolate Truffles: Part 2

If you missed phase one, I would strongly encourage you to go back and catch yourself up on the fun. There are pictures for you to gawk at while wishing you were here right now and wondering how you could quickly become my best friend. And so we have more food porn, brought to you by yours truly for We return to the subject of chocolate truffles for phase two: rolling and dipping. This part can be a little messy, but oh so worth it in the end because phase three... well, ... Continue Reading

Chocolate Truffles: Part 1

So it’s Valentine’s Day, a Hallmark holiday seemingly created for the sole purpose of making singles feel miserable about their lives (especially, say, if you were dumped the week of Valentine’s Day... you know, not like I am speaking from experience or anything...) and men feel obligated to buy their ladies flowers and chocolates. Well, you know what made me feel better about today? Chocolate truffles, that’s what. More specifically, dark chocolate Chambord truffles and semi-sweet chocolate ... Continue Reading

Kitchen Tips: Unnecessary Gadgets & The Almighty Spoon

I love Williams Sonoma and kitchen gadgets... to an extent. Why to an extent? Well, because Williams Sonoma can be very expensive and some of the gadgets they sell are totally unnecessary. I’ll elaborate... I just got an email from along with a free shipping offer, so I decided to check out the site to see if they had any new and cool things. I was meaning to buy this hand-held citrus press ($20), so I was looking around the fruit and vegetable tools section to see what other ... Continue Reading

Key Ingredient

Are you in need of a good Food Recipe website? When it comes to finding and storing food recipes online, there are many websites that come to my mind. Two I have used and still use from time to time are the Food TV Network website and All Recipes, but there are many, many more out there on the internet that can offer new, fresh recipes and variations to traditional favourites. I was made aware of a new website for storing and browsing through recipes. The website is called Key Ingredient. The ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Chocolate Almond Toffee

A few weeks ago, I bought toffee at Wegmans to satisfy my craving for sweet, chocolately goodness. Not much beats perfectly square gems of toffee, covered in chocolate and almonds, with a satisfying crunch and buttery flavor. Finally, though, I decided to make my own. An opportunity to save some money, versus continuing to buy itsy-bitsy containers, while also having something to look forward to making to supplement holiday cookies in about a month from now. As it turns out, making toffee is similar ... Continue Reading