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Recipe: Quick Pineapple Salsa

This quick recipe for pineapple salsa couldn't be easier to make and reminded me of summer when I ate it, which was nice to think about considering the cold weather we've had here in the Northeast as of late. I originally made this as an accompaniment to eat with seared tuna steaks that were been marinated in soy sauce, ginger, and other Asian-inspired ingredients. It would also be great with swordfish, mahi mahi, or quesadillas, too. And, there is also the obvious: eat it with some tortilla chips. ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Eggnog French Toast

While flipping through a recent issue of one magazine (maybe Better Homes and Gardens), I saw an idea for how to use up leftover eggnog from the holidays. Well, there just so happened to be a whole quart of it, unopened, in my refrigerator and I didn't want it to go to waste, so I made breakfast. I looked up a recipe for eggnog french toast, since I couldn't find the magazine article. Many of them called for a lot of eggnog, eggs, and bread, but I decided to just wing it since I was only cooking ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Chickpea Stew

I did a Google search the other day for vegetable stew because I was in a "stew" kind of mood since it was chilly out, and I found a great recipe for a Middle Eastern-inspired chickpea stew. Of course I added to the recipe and changed a few things, but overall it turned out wonderful served over couscous. This is supposed to be a hearty stew, so don't chop the vegetables too fine. I stuck to a medium dice on most of the vegetables and cut the carrots into half-moons about 1/4 inch thick, and everything ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Vegetarian-friendly Shepherds Pie

Here's a recipe for vegetarian shepherds pie that is ridiculously easy to make and very satisfying. I made it twice in the past week with slight variations each time. The first time, I used four cheese instant mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese on top, and noticed that it needed something to "bind" the meat and vegetable mixture. The second time, I used sour cream and chive instant mashed potatoes and a blend of cheeses (pepperjack and cheddar) on top, and used a flour and milk mixture to bind the ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Potato Pancakes

Since I have a large bag of potatoes on hand (I'm part-Irish, what can I say? :wink:), I was looking for something to do with them before they turned rotten and useless. Fortunately, an old vegetable cookbook that I found on my bookcase, Vegetable Cooking of All Nations, edited by Florence Schwartz, had about 70-something recipes for potatoes. Using one of the recipes I found in the book, I made something that I've been craving to eat for a week or two now: potato pancakes. Potato pancakes have ... Continue Reading