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Golfing in Las Vegas

I was just talking about taking a trip to Las Vegas while eating dinner. I saw something on TV last night about the Vegas buffets, and that was all I needed to hear to convince me to eventually take a trip to Vegas. :wink: If you are looking to take a trip to Vegas sometime soon - and happen to be a golfer or interested in learning how to golf - be sure to visit to make your Las Vegas golf reservations. Go where the pros go! offers packages for some of the ... Continue Reading

Site updates

A few site updates I forgot to mention in the other post... 1. looks a little different. I mentioned that I was working on a new layout, so I decided to put a little something up there in the meantime: Image links to my active hostees and sites hosted on bbnet. 2. I upgraded WordPress to version 2.6. I didn't read the specs about what was included in the upgrade, but there weren't any significant things that I noticed aside from the "word count" to the right-hand side of ... Continue Reading

Lindeblad Piano Restoration

For more information about advertising and sponsored posts on, click here. If you have an piano you would like to have restored, look no further than Lindeblad Piano Restoration. Piano restoration is a fantastic idea if you have an old piano - like we do sitting downstairs in the basement - that you would like restored to pass on to future generations. Lindeblad Piano Restoration is a family-owned company that has been in business for four generations. The specialize in both ... Continue Reading

Stem Cell Innovation for Women

Stem cell research has been one of the most controversial topics of the recent years. Despite its repeated presence in the news and everywhere else, I still don't understand a lot about the topic. I do understand that stem cells are found in a variety of multicellular organisms and can be used to more-or-less "repair" damaged parts of the body. Embryonic stem cells are at the heart of the controversy surrounding stem cell research because, as the name specifies, they are stem cells which come ... Continue Reading

Business website officially LAUNCHED!

Check out my website for the business I started with my friend. I just finished it and it looks good, but slightly different (in a good way, not a fucked-up way...), in both IE and Firefox thanks to the trick code I mentioned earlier. I am so excited about how it came out. Of course I am probably going to make a better header in the future, once we get some good pictures of our events, crafts, parties, etc., but for now I am very happy with it. I hope Sue likes it, too. :grin: Monkey See Monkey ... Continue Reading