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Freebie Friday: Images from iStockphoto

Each week, iStockphoto features free downloads from its galleries of royalty free stock photos and other media. Simply go to, scroll down a bit and look on the right side of the page to see the free downloads of the week for images, illustrations, audio, video and Flash. Now, what I didn't know and found out about maybe a week or two ago is that iStockphoto offers very nice free backgrounds for your desktop each month. These themes backgrounds include a monthly calendar ... Continue Reading

$640 million dollars…!!!

US lottery players dream of $640 million jackpot - Buzz is building around the largest lottery jackpot in world history - at least $640 million - ahead of the Mega Millions drawing Friday night in Atlanta. Did you hear about this? How could you not?! Tickets are on sale tonight until 10:45pm EDT, and I know I will be going out to get some relatively soon. What would you do if you won $640 million dollars? Holy shit. I can't even imagine where I would start spending the money. Actually. I know ... Continue Reading

Cool. I almost forgot how to use WordPress.

Experimenting with adding pictures to posts... and post excerpts on the main, search, archive and category pages! Looks much cleaner this way. On that note... so, when did WordPress themes get to be complicated? Like, "I need a job doing software development at Google to figure out all of the things that are nested or otherwise hidden in PHP code somewhere in order to edit the color of the header text" complicated? I might have to sit down and give myself a crash course in WordPress 3.3+ ... Continue Reading

AHR Expo 2012

Today is day one of the first trade show I'm attending as an employee of this company. The AHR Expo is an international trade show featuring HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refridgeration) equipment and is sponsored by ASHRAE and AHRI, two industry organizations. The company I work for tries to attend every year and exhibits our equipment, commercial and industrial heating products. AHR Expo is in Chicago this year, but it changes annually; last year it was in Las Vegas, next ... Continue Reading

Goals for the new year

I hate making New Years resolutions. I really do because half of the time they are bullshit, but I do them anyway - just like everyone else. This year, I'm planning on losing those pounds I gained last year, 10-20 lbs or so to be exact. Weight loss - such a cliché "resolution", right? And probably the oldest, most used one there is, but I'm going for it and I have my reasons. One reason is I'm tired of (correction: fucking sick of) the doctor yelling at me every time I go to see her, but it's not ... Continue Reading