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A Mini Overhaul for 2015

So, the site is back! I took it down over the weekend as I worked to clean-up a lot of the content. Needless to say, it was a mini-overhaul. What you'll find: Most, if not all, of the pages on the top navigation bar have been refreshed. My bio still needs some re-writing, but I am going to mull that over for some time. Some of the older pages that have been around for over a decade were eliminated and combined with the top navigation pages. Don't worry, it wasn't any useful content. Categories ... Read More

The end of an era

I finally had the guts to post the message that I have been meaning to post for quite some time..., a fundamental chapter in my so-called "online life", is at the end of the line. The domain name registration is up on the 15th; however, for the purpose of having the time to transition links, I will renew the domain for one more year while I sort through the content. I wrote up a quick summary of my feelings here, too. 12 years is a very long time, but I think this was the right ... Read More

New domains registered, projects to come

Oh, hey, it's April. I'm still alive and the facade of looks a little different because I was sick of staring blankly at the old layout. But HEY! You know what's even more exciting? I have two brand, spankin' new domain names. Of course, this is a-few-weeks-old news by now, as they were registered near early-April, but who is counting the days (except me)? Nobody! So, what's going on?, you may ask. I have a few ideas... The first domain, which I am not yet ready to reveal ... Read More

A Reflection on 10 Years of Blogging

While I am still young in the eyes of many at 23 years old, I started blogging when I was 12 or 13 years old, making me somewhat of a "veteran" (albeit self-proclaimed.) For me, all it took to get the ball rolling was the initial curiosity to start a website -- a "fan site", as embarrassing as it is to admit, for a popular 90's boy band that some of you might even remember. :wink: The drive to learn more started with the need for self-expression and blossomed into questions with many answers (What ... Read More