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The end of an era

I finally had the guts to post the message that I have been meaning to post for quite some time..., a fundamental chapter in my so-called "online life", is at the end of the line. The domain name registration is up on the 15th; however, for the purpose of having the time to transition links, I will renew the domain for one more year while I sort through the content. I wrote up a quick summary of my feelings here, too. 12 years is a very long time, but I think this was the right ... Continue Reading

New domains registered, projects to come

Oh, hey, it's April. I'm still alive and the facade of looks a little different because I was sick of staring blankly at the old layout. But HEY! You know what's even more exciting? I have two brand, spankin' new domain names. Of course, this is a-few-weeks-old news by now, as they were registered near early-April, but who is counting the days (except me)? Nobody! So, what's going on?, you may ask. I have a few ideas... The first domain, which I am not yet ready to reveal ... Continue Reading

A Reflection on 10 Years of Blogging

While I am still young in the eyes of many at 23 years old, I started blogging when I was 12 or 13 years old, making me somewhat of a "veteran" (albeit self-proclaimed.) For me, all it took to get the ball rolling was the initial curiosity to start a website -- a "fan site", as embarrassing as it is to admit, for a popular 90's boy band that some of you might even remember. :wink: The drive to learn more started with the need for self-expression and blossomed into questions with many answers (What ... Continue Reading

The Pinterest Phenomenon

Pinterest is one of the hottest social networks to debut in quite some time. Since its launch earlier this year, comScore reported that the site hit over 10 million unique views each day back in February and is now the third most popular social network with over 18 million unique daily views, right behind social giants Facebook and Twitter. Countless brands in the B2C (business-to-consumer) realm have noticed the overwhelming popularity of Pinterest that blossomed in such a short time period ... Continue Reading

Freebie Friday: iPhone and Android Apps

The first of, hopefully many, Freebie Fridays! (I bet the title isn't completely original, but so what.) Smart phones: who doesn't love them? Actually, the better question might be, with the increasing number of promotions for smart phones, who doesn't have them nowadays? They can literally be a life saver, if you ask anyone who has been lost driving around in a strange town. It takes nothing more than a quick Google search to find some Google Maps and bring you to safety - after pulling ... Continue Reading