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Organize your life with Clipix

Think about all of the time you might spend on the internet in a given day or week. I'm usually a fanatic of bookmarking websites, both at work and at home, but there are times when I bookmark too many things and forget to or don't have the time to go back and organize them all. Same goes with social bookmarking sites, which I have also used in the past.  For problems like this, I came across a site called clipix ( What this tool allows you to do is drag and ... Continue Reading

The Future?

A post that I saw recently got me thinking. With everyone migrating to social media platforms that are easier to work on than personal websites designed from (or close to) scratch, what do you think the "future" of personal websites/domains will be? Will people continue to develop websites/blogs outside of Tumblr, and others- or is the temptation of having everything set up for you with a few clicks of the mouse, no coding or knowledge of web/gfx design needed, too great? With ... Continue Reading

Setting up Google Reader

How do you manage what blogs and websites you read on a daily basis? I remember bookmarking a lot of personal websites and blogs back in the day and setting up folders for "dailies" and other resources. While RSS feeds and social bookmarking have become increasingly popular in recent years, for me they never fully replaced my "old" methods and habits of saving bookmarks in my browser. Google Reader is a tool that I've been using a lot at work, and it has (finally) started to streamline my process ... Continue Reading

The FTC Act and the Guides: What Are They? (Pt. 2)

Additionally, when a blogger writes an endorsement, any expressed experiences that the blogger has with a product or service must be truthful and supplemented by a statement indicating the typical experiences or results of using the product or service ("FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials”). The disclosure of “typical results” would be an issue when discussing a diet plan, for example, or other products and services where outcomes may greatly vary from person to ... Continue Reading

Blogging and You

Hey, visit my BLOG about [whatever topic here]! You have a BLOG about [whatever topic]? ME TOO! YEAH, I totally love blogging! YAY, BLOGGING! I giggle when I hear blogging discussed offline and in the mainstream media, probably because it hasn't been a "new" concept for me for quite some time and because everyone has jumped on the bandwagon with it. Food Network just released a show about a woman who lives on a ranch and she blogs about food and her family, which is probably how she was discovered. ... Continue Reading