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New domains registered, projects to come

Oh, hey, it's April. I'm still alive and the facade of looks a little different because I was sick of staring blankly at the old layout. But HEY! You know what's even more exciting? I have two brand, spankin' new domain names. Of course, this is a-few-weeks-old news by now, as they were registered near early-April, but who is counting the days (except me)? Nobody! So, what's going on?, you may ask. I have a few ideas... The first domain, which I am not yet ready to reveal ... Continue Reading

Freshening up the old place…

So a "new" layout, even though once again it is not something that I slaved hours to make. Thanks, WordPress default layout! :grin: At some point, I'll add some nice pictures at the top, instead of the nasty stock images from the layout, but I need to find nice ones to add there first. I also updated some of the content on the pages. Impressive, I know. At some point, I will be migrating content from to post here and use as a portal of sorts to link to pages (like ... Continue Reading

Real quick…

1. I need to get my ass moving on a new layout. This whole "graphics free" layout string has sucked, I'll admit. I wish I could go back to the days of using celebrity pictures and other images, not giving a fuck where they came from so I can just be creative and use them to make cool things. Blah. At least I added a background... that kind of spices things up... or not. It's still so grey. :frown: 2. I start a new job tomorrow - wish me luck. :grin: 3. More posts coming soon... get excited. ... Continue Reading

Update agenda for the next few months

I'm happy to say that is finally being updated, little by little, and so will this site. Here is what I have planned for B-B and F-R in the next few months Layout Updates B-B.Net: Changes were made to the front index page and site stylesheet. You'll notice that there is a different font for the whole site and it is in a larger, easier-to-read size. F-R.Org: As you can see, a few days ago I changed the layout color scheme and tweaked the look of it a little bit. Updated ... Continue Reading

New color theme, updated content

Changed the color theme of the layout again and a few minor things, like the width of the page and some of the template code that is basically invisible anyway. I can't seem to find the inspiration or time to create a new layout from scratch, so this will continue to suffice. I happen to really like the colors; they are based off of a palette created by someone on ColourLovers (I'll post the link tomorrow; I'm tired right now.) I'm also working on updating the content, since it hasn't been revised ... Continue Reading