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Disqus Commenting System

I just installed the Disqus commenting system. So far, I highly recommend it. There was no fiddling around with WordPress layout codes or anything needed to install the plugin; I just downloaded the plugin, installed and enabled it in WordPress, signed up for an account on the Disqus website, customized some settings, and that was it. There are upgraded systems available to purchase on the website, starting at $19/month, but I am using the free version and it is working great. ... Continue Reading

Newish layout!

I really like the layout style, so I'm keeping it and changing the colour theme- as you can see. Yay, new colour theme for the holidays! Credit for the lovely colour palette goes to: leatherbound by nancythequilt on Also, can someone let me know if the Comment Love thing is working on the comments page? It just says, "no last blog posts to return" for me when I'm logged in... *scratches head* Hmm. Updates - The sections above are slowly being edited, one by one. I ... Continue Reading

Few small updates

Did some minor editing to the CSS and sidebar pages to make it look a little nicer. Also fixed the screwed up sidebar on some of the pages; thankfully, it was a very easy fix. :wink:

Oh, I also succumbed jumped on the bandwagon signed up for a Twitter account (I know, I know…) and posted it on my sidebar. The link to my account is also there, if you joined the masses have one too and want to “follow” me.

Site updates

A few site updates I forgot to mention in the other post... 1. looks a little different. I mentioned that I was working on a new layout, so I decided to put a little something up there in the meantime: Image links to my active hostees and sites hosted on bbnet. 2. I upgraded WordPress to version 2.6. I didn't read the specs about what was included in the upgrade, but there weren't any significant things that I noticed aside from the "word count" to the right-hand side of ... Continue Reading


I started a lengthy post about my trip to the hospital last Tuesday for a kidney pre-donor evaluation, but I never got the chance to finish it. I'll get to that sooner or later... probably later rather than sooner. A few exciting things happened today. And by a few, I mean a few - as in two. Yep. Just two. Haha. 1. I was inspired to start working on a new layout for I think I deserve a standing ovation for my efforts. I could very well wake up tomorrow, decide that I don't ... Continue Reading