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Well I tried

I was working on a new layout, but I have a killer headache from trying to configure one of the plugins and my eyes are going to melt out of my skull if I sit here any longer. No new layout today, kids, sorry.

My first ever “true” vector image

I have been working on basically one graphic for the past few months. Haha. It is my first ever true "vector" image, created with Illustrator. I exported it to PSP7 in order to put the border and text on, but the final image will be from Illustrator. I used an image of Gwen Stefani for the base pose and took it from there. It needs a lot of work, especially on the hair and the eyes, but it is certainly a start and a step up from my first-ever "vexel" image (a vector-style image created in a raster ... Continue Reading

Oops… Screwed Up the Layout

You might have noticed something: the page changed a little bit. Why? Well, I accidentally replaced the style.css content with the sidebar.php content and had to, essentially, redesign the style.css file. Oops. So, the layout is a little bit different now, and there are a few things that still need to be changed that I will do soon.

Server change complete!!

Yay! Successfully switched servers! And Happy 4th of July to visitors from the U.S.!

“Selling out” (haha)

Added some ads to the sidebar because what the hell, right? Hopefully they are not too ugly — just text links and boxes customized to the layout. If you are a blogger and are seeing results from ad programs, I want to know your experience; let me know!