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California Dreaming

This time next week, I will be in L.A., and then Vegas! Hard to believe that my first-ever trip out to the West Coast starts at the end of this week. Friday, to be exact. I'm planning on leaving early from work so we have plenty of time to make our 5:35pm flight to LAX, seeing how we'll be battling traffic to the airport. We'll arrive around 8:30p, pacific time, so we don't have a lot planned for Friday night. I've been wracking my brain over this trip for about a month, including selecting ... Continue Reading

Off to New Orleans!

At the end of this week, I will be getting on a plane to make my way to New Orleans for the Verint Driving Innovation users conference in New Orleans, LA. This conference is for users of the Verint/Vovici voice of the customer (VOC) software, which I helped implement at work and received training on last year. My focus at this conference is going to be to learn more about VOC best practices, since it is a new venture at work and we have struggled with the basics like integrating structured and ... Continue Reading

Weekend Adventures in America: June 2011

I have found that taking occasional weekend trips is, in some ways, more gratifying than taking a long excursion. With short 3-4 day trips, there are opportunities to go away more often and therefore more things to look forward to during the year. It also presents a good opportunity to explore different areas in short sittings, or revisit a favorite area. So far this year, Steve and I went to Atlantic City for a long weekend back in February, Boston/New England area to celebrate St. Patrick's ... Continue Reading

Greetings from Atlantic City

So as I write, I am sitting in our hotel room at the Trump Taj Mahal Chairman Tower in Atlantic City. WiFi access isn't free, but WordPress has this cool Android app which allows remote posting and Steve has we access on his phone. So I added my account to the app so I could do a little update. We have a pretty neat view of Showboat from here on the 78th floor. It also looks like another hotel is going up or being remodeled nearby, and today and tomorrow should both be fairly nice days. The weather ... Continue Reading

My Trip to Maine

Sponsored guest post authored by Greg Fletcher Last week my husband and I took a trip up to Maine to see my Grandparents. It has been a few years since we were able to get up there to see them. Boy did I miss them! We got to spend an entire week with them. They have a nice big house with extra rooms, so my hubby and I got to stay with them instead of a hotel. That was perfect because it saved us money and gave us more time to spend with them. While we were there, we got caught up with each ... Continue Reading