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UM: Week 438

  1. Diligence :: character
  2. Volume :: hair
  3. Hospital :: ambulance
  4. Binge :: drink
  5. Loyalty :: pets
  6. Pediatrics :: baby
  7. Authorize :: password
  8. Cage :: metal
  9. Studious :: success
  10. Transfer :: student

From: Unconscious Mutterings

Friday Five: 5/27/11

Via Friday Five I know it's not Friday, but I couldn't pass up these questions, considering how much I love to cook. :grin: What is your favorite condiment? Probably BBQ sauce. What is your favorite spice? That's a hard question, but I guess I'm a big fan of Cumin. I use it in a lot of dishes. What is your favorite cooking oil? (Canola oil, sesame oil, butter, etc) Depends on what I am making. I often reach for olive oil for most cooking. What is your favorite starchy food? (Bread, ... Continue Reading

UM: Week #416

Bootie :: Baby User :: Password Child :: Annoying I was just at the mall and there were a lot of screaming children there... hence the association. :wink: Scribe :: Elder Also reminds me of the Fallout video game series and the Brotherhood of Steel. I've played Fallout 3 and New Vegas too much, heh... Manager :: Boss Upsetting :: Sad Puddles :: Water Hopeful :: Future Procrastination :: Inevitable Statistics :: Hate I hated taking statistics. Thankfully, I passed both classes the ... Continue Reading

Thursday’s Top Ten: Week #14

Top ten movies you could watch over and over There are a lot of movies that I like, but I don't necessarily know if I can watch over and over again. It's a good thing I like and have seen a lot of movies, so I think I have a decent arsenal to pick from. Here goes nothing. The Big Labowski. I've been absolutely obsessed with this movie lately and its abundant supply of great one-liners. I think I watched it three times in the past few weeks alone. Forrest Gump. Duh. This is a no-brainer. Goodfellas. ... Continue Reading

Four Foods on Friday

#127 Tell me your four favorite fruits. I like almost all fruits. Especially when they're ripe and delicious. Yummm. Pineapple D'Anjou Pears Blackberries Golden Delicious Apples #126 Tell me four things that you have made from scratch with chocolate (or just candy if you don’t/can’t have chocolate). The following four things are probably some of my favorite things to make with chocolate. Flourless chocolate torte. A month or so ago, I made a Bon Appetit recipe ... Continue Reading