Coffee talk

So, where are the coffee drinkers out there?

I have found that my coffee drinking habit has definitely increased again since purchasing a Keurig single-cup coffee maker about 6 months ago, and my habit increased even more during this semester (surprise, surprise… lol.) The coffee that the Keurig machine makes is so much better because it is brewed fresh every time. Each k-cup ends up costing about 50 cents or so when purchased in bulk, which saves a little bit on coffee trips to Dunkin and Starbucks. It’s so quick to brew and also useful for making a simple cup of hot water. Everyone should have one of these machines- no lie.

The one thing that I’m still disheartened about is the lack of Starbucks K-cups and the fact that purchasing K-cups can be expensive, even if bought in bulk. Some people might remember that I actually sent a message on the Starbucks website a few months ago to ask about any future company plans to make K-cups with Starbucks coffee, but I never received a reply. I saw recently that Starbucks coffee “pods” for the Tassimo machines are available, and there are special 3rd party adapters on eBay that allow Keurig machines to use the Tassimo pods. Hmm… I guess they have a particular agreement with the makers of Tassimo, so maybe they can’t make K-cups? I don’t know.

Even though I have a fancy-shmancy coffee machine, I still enjoy going out for coffee most of the time. When I used to live in New Jersey, there was one coffee place that I used to frequent about five minutes down the road from me. My friends and I used to go there all of the time during the evenings, since it was close to home and we would have school the next day, but it got to a point where I stopped going there because of their prices and their inconsistency. One time, the barista forgot to put the espresso in the coffee drink I ordered. She admitted her fault when I came in the next day, but of course I realized after I drove away and took a sip of my drink that the “cafe mocha” I ordered was merely extra-sweet hot chocolate that cost $5.00.

Being a good customer who came in nearly every day and ordered the same $5.00 coffee drink nearly every time, I was upset that she did nothing about reimbursing me with a free extra shot, a free drink, or anything else. I said nothing of it, though, and just stopped going in there as frequently. The original independent owner ended up selling the business and the place went downhill from there. I only go there every once in a while when I am back in town (the atmosphere is nice for meeting and chatting with old friends…) and it seems like they have a new owner every time I go there now, lol.

There are a few independent coffee shops around my area now, but I haven’t had the chance to go out and explore any of them and now I stick to Starbucks most of the time. There are a few clustered in the same general area, about fifteen minutes away from where I live, and there is one right inside the rec center at school.

Now, you can say what you want about Starbucks and how the company is putting the independent coffeehouses out of business in some areas, but at least the service and the quality of the drinks are both consistent, time after time. I’ve only had a few problems with incorrect drink orders out of all of the times I’ve been to Starbucks and they have been generous enough to offer coupons for a free drink when they do screw something up. They now offer coupons for a free drink on your birthday, too, and other perks if you have and register a Starbucks re-loadable gift card online. Pretty awesome, if you ask me…

And finally… here’s a video, just because. :wink:

P.S. Considering the fact that I accept paid posts/advertisements and also the fact that I name-dropped quite a few companies (you’re welcome- even though my Google PR sucks and I’m sure none of you need the plugs), I feel I should mention that this is not a paid post. I did find this topic as a “spark” on Socialspark, though, because I wanted something to write about. And it worked out well, I think. :smile: