Chocolate Truffles: Part 2

If you missed phase one, I would strongly encourage you to go back and catch yourself up on the fun. There are pictures for you to gawk at while wishing you were here right now and wondering how you could quickly become my best friend.

And so we have more food porn, brought to you by yours truly for We return to the subject of chocolate truffles for phase two: rolling and dipping. This part can be a little messy, but oh so worth it in the end because phase three… well, that involves savoring and will be documented by sexy pictures of erotic truffle consumption… if you’re lucky. :wink:

For this part of the recipe, the following ingredients and tools required include:

  • Melted chocolate
  • Cocoa powder
  • A melon baller
  • A few pairs of powder-free latex gloves
  • One or two baking sheets lined with parchment or waxed paper

As you can see, the chocolate has now firmed up from being in the refridgerator for an hour or two, and it can now be scooped and rolled into truffles.

Use a melon baller, or a small dasher, to scoop the chocolate, and roll between your hands to form balls. Place rolled truffles on a flat baking sheet lined with wax or parchment paper. I strongly suggest using powder-free latex gloves for this process.

Truffles shouldn’t be too big or too small; a one inch ball is nice, although sometimes they just turn out bigger or smaller from scooping too much or too little. It happens. There are aren’t any pictures of the scooping and rolling process because, again, it is extremely messy; just ask the six pairs of chocolate-covered latex gloves that are in my trash can right now.

Since the truffles were a little soft from being rolled between my hands, I stashed the sheet pans in the freezer for about twenty minutes or so until they were firmed up again. You don’t have to, but it makes it easier if you want to roll the truffles in cocoa powder or dip them in melted chocolate to form a “shell” as I was planning on doing. If I was covering the truffles in nuts or coconut, I might not have put them in the freezer and just coated them while the chocolate was tacky and the stuff could adhere.

After the truffles were slightly firm again, I removed them from the freezer and they are ready to be rolled in cocoa powder or dipped into melted chocolate.

I was planning on dipping all of the truffles in melted chocolate, but that turned out to be a grand pain in the ass so only the Chambord ones ended up chocolate covered. For the chocolate coating, simply melt chocolate (Alton Brown suggests using a heating pad, but I didn’t want to fuss with that and instead chose the microwave option from before), take a truffle, and roll or dip it in the chocolate to coat. Again, there aren’t many pictures because this process was extremely messy, but the final result is shown.

Again, dipping was a little difficult so I gave up on it. I tried using a fondue fork, but the tacky chocolate stuck to it and wouldn’t come off of easily without destroying the round shape of the truffle – so I resorted to getting my hands dirty (latex gloves again recommended) and using my hands to cover the truffle in chocolate, thus having a textured shell instead of a smooth one that the dipping would have created; you can tell the difference between ones that were dipped and ones that were rolled. Whatever, they all taste good anyway.

The cayenne truffles were covered in cocoa powder. This is a faster and easier, much easier, alternative to dipping in chocolate: simply dump some cocoa powder on a plate, throw some truffles on the plate, and roll them around in the cocoa powder until coated.

And here you can see both of them, cocoa powdered bittersweet chocolate cayenne truffles on the left and the chocolate-dipped dark chocolate Chambord truffles on the right.

And that’s… how you make chocolate truffles. Extremely easy, fun to make, and nummy to eat. They might not look as beautiful as some of the commercially produced chocolates you can buy from a store, but they are truly made with time and effort – and, most importantly, love…

Even if it is just love for yourself, because you don’t have a fucking Valentine. Bah.

The end. :grin:

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