I just got my internet connection back the other day. Whoohoo. :grin:

That aside, I want to talk about concerts in this post. If you have been a reader for a while or know me in some way, you probably know that I love attending concerts and posting about them in my blog. Well, there are so many good shows coming up and seeing as how I am currently broke, that is quite a dilemma! The two I am most excited about are Nine Inch Nails in August and Chris Rock in April/May.

I found out about the NIN tour when I was at school the other day and decided to visit to see what was up. I was surprised to see tour dates posted on the main page, especially considering how infrequent tours have been in the past. I heard from The NIN Hotline that the tour is going to be some kind of arena tour with other artists, but the official site did not mention that. There are two dates around this area in August, one date in NJ on a Wednesday and one date in PA on a Friday. Thankfully, there are some months to go before that show, so hopefully I will have some time to find and start a new job and save up money. Seeing them in 2005 (my first time, which I will never forget) and 2006 were amazing experiences. If I only have the chance to do one thing this summer, that is going to be it.

I was shocked to see that NIN were touring, yes, but I was even more shocked to see a link that said Chris Rock tickets on the Select a Ticket website only a few minutes ago. I have been waiting AGES to see Chris Rock perform live, ever since his Never Scared performance, which I have watched religiously and pretty much memorized; however, the shows (of which there are many in Washington DC, Atlantic City, and New York City) couldn’t be at worse times!! The ones in Washington DC are only a few weeks away with the dates in New York City and Atlantic City following them. Damn! I would hate to wait another five years or so until he comes around again!!

Type O Negative are also coming back around again in May. Specifically, they are performing on my mom’s Birthday, 10 May, in NJ. I have seen them twice, but — like other artists that I have seen more than once — they put on a good show and I would love to see them again. Compared to the Chris Rock and NIN tickets, this show only costs $25 in advance or $30 on the day of the show. The other shows that I want to see (Mindless Self Indulgence and The Birthday Massacre, The Street Dogs) are also in the $20-30 range, which isn’t bad.

Maybe I’ll sell some miscellaneous things on eBay to try to raise some money to go to a few of them. That seems like a good idea… :biggrin:

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