Cool. I almost forgot how to use WordPress.

Experimenting with adding pictures to posts… and post excerpts on the main, search, archive and category pages! Looks much cleaner this way.

On that note… so, when did WordPress themes get to be complicated? Like, “I need a job doing software development at Google to figure out all of the things that are nested or otherwise hidden in PHP code somewhere in order to edit the color of the header text” complicated?

I might have to sit down and give myself a crash course in WordPress 3.3+ and what has changed in the time since I stopped paying attention to what was included in the new releases and started blindly clicking “Update” every time it popped up after I logged in. What a sad reminder of how much I used to know and how little time I have to keep up on it anymore. *sigh*

Well. As much as I’d like to, I guess I can’t lie to myself: It has also been a long, long time since I bothered to make a WordPress theme from scratch, and it can be difficult to edit a theme you are unfamiliar with. But regardless. My brain must be turning to mush from sitting at a computer screen, checking email, writing copy and reviewing brochures all day. That, or I’m getting old. I turned 23 last month… which, in my mind, is starting to feel like one year closer to being in a retirement home or insane asylum, depending on how you look at it. :wink:

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  1. If you’re old, I’m a dinosaur. “Real” jobs do change the way you experience the world, but you can still be awesome in your off hours. :)

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