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So a month or two ago, I put in a ticket request for free tickets to the taping of the Rachael Ray Show. This week, I received an email saying that I was in the preliminary selection pool to get tickets to one of her upcoming shows. There were three different days and two different times each day to choose from. I just had to email back (it was on a first come, first serve basis) and answer a few of the questions that they had, including what show and time I wanted to go to, in order to be considered in the final selection pool. I submitted that info and crossed my fingers.

After being out for most of the afternoon and evening, I just got home and checked my email to see that I got a confirmation for Feburary 2nd at 2:15pm, which I am guessing will be the taping of a show that will air relatively soon after; it might be a show with a Valentine’s Day theme, since it is close to the date, but I could be wrong. The confirmation email serves as a ticket, but I had to email back to confirm the confirmation. The email had mostly detailed information, including some strict dos-and-donts.

The dress code, in particular, was a little Nazi-ish. Really. I read about it before, but only half believed it. I believe it now.

Audience members are not allowed to wear shorts (understandable), guacho pants (eh…), capris (WTF? The front row, OK, but what about everyone in the back?), ripped jeans (understandable), flip-flops (eh…), sneakers (not even nice ones?), sequins and other distracting patterns/prints (sorta understandable), etc. Business casual is recommended, along with anything “trendy” or “in style.” Funny, because sequins and “distressed” jeans are both really hot right now, but they are both on the no-no list.

Surprisingly, Uggs were not on the list. I just bought two pair of Ugg-style boots made by Bearpaw and they are about the newest shoes that I have right now. Not only that, but with the weather that we have been having, they would also be appropriate to wear and walk around NYC in, unlike heels and dressy boots. Then again, it is possible that Uggs aren’t allowed, either, since they ended the aforementioned list of no-no’s with a vague disclaimer: Anyone who does not look appropriate can, at their discretion, be asked to leave before entering the studio. Hmm… I wonder.

It was also recommended that guests should arrive as early as possible. Even though people were sent confirmation emails, there was (another) disclaimer that assured that nobody is guaranteed a seat. Apparently, sometimes they overbook and people are left, literally, in the cold. I wonder how often that happens?

My bitching and complaining aside, it is understandable why they have such rules. I bet people over the years have shown up looking like trailer trash or else they wouldn’t have implemented such specific guidelines. Most likely, there was probably that one woman back in 2008 who arrived wearing short-shorts and flip-flops… and also didn’t cut her toenails for weeks… and then thought it would be classy to paint them bright red. Just a hunch, but someone like that probably ruined flip-flops and shorts for everyone that day. I certainly know that I wouldn’t even think to wear yoga pants or old jeans to the show (jeans, by the way, weren’t excluded from the list; just “ripped jeans”), but I like to think that I have some level of class. :wink:

There is a small chance that I was on TV when I went to Times Square to stand in the freezing cold with my mom to try to catch a glimpse of the Backstreet Boys on Total Request Live (TRL) back in the day. Aside from that and local television (for band and chorus concerts from 4th to 11th grade), neither of which really count, I’ve never been on TV before and I definitely have never been to the taping of a television show. Needless to say, I’m excited and this should be an interesting experience.

I am also really looking forward to see if she gives out any cool shit that day!! It seems like every time I watch Ellen, Rachael, Oprah, etc. they are giving their audience members free goodies left and right. The last time I watched Rachael Ray’s show, a few days ago, she gave out a $50 gift card to every member of the audience for P.C. Richard & Sons, since they were sponsoring a bigger give-away that was the focus of the whole show that day.

Cameras, cell phones, and recording devices are not allowed in the studio, but I will keep everyone posted with when and what time the show is going to air. Cross your fingers and hope that I get there early enough to get a seat!

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  1. That sounds awesome! I was on a local TV game show twice when I was in high school. It was strange to see myself again when the shows aired, but it was pretty cool.

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