Diet Progress: Day 1 Recap

The day started out well yesterday. Coffee with fat free flavored coffee creamer was for breakfast when I woke up around 8:30ish. Lunch around noon was a veggie “chicken” patty on one slice of whole grain bread with mustard and tomato, a side of steamed mixed veggies (Green Giant kind or something), and a bottle of water. A handful of pretzels was a midday snack.

After that, I got side-tracked… :frown:

I didn’t get to the mall yesterday like I had planned on, but I caught up on some work and was happy about that. After that was over, I got some walking in when I went to a few large shopping stores to look around. One of my weaknesses came through to screw me up:

There was a Starbucks nearby. :shock:

I tried to be good, though!! Instead of getting my usual Cafe Mocha with 2 pumps, no whip, and 2% milk, I got an iced coffee with 2% milk and a splash of half and half so the coffee was not too light and still mostly brown. I also got a caramel macchiato biscotti because I saw them there… and they are GOOD. I was skeptical at first about trying them a few weeks ago, but I said what the hell! and got one… and it turned out to be so good. Om nom nom…

Much to my chagrin, I thought Starbucks was going to be my biggest indulgence or screw up of the day, but it wasn’t. After I went to Wegmans and bought all sorts of good stuff, mostly fresh vegetables and some fruit to make meals with during the week, my parents called to tell me that they were bringing pizza back home for me. If that wasn’t enough, they told me the pizza was from one of my favorite pizza places, a place I also worked at near where we used to live in Jersey. Good pizza, not like the mostly shit pizza they have here in Pennsylvania. UGH!!! I politely told her about my diet and again tried to be good when I got home and saw my favourite white cheese pizza sitting on the table… and my dad, getting ready to feed it to the dog because I told my mom on the phone that I didn’t want it. Well, before it was all gone, I stopped him and got a few bites of it. My inner 230lbs fat girl just couldn’t see good pizza get fed to a dog like that, lol.

To try and redeem myself, I wanted to cook something healthier, so I started on a pot of homemade black bean soup that I planned on having for dinner. Since the beans weren’t soaked, it ended up cooking for 3-4 hours until the beans got tender and I made something different. I had a Lean Cusine entrée, another bottle of water, and a green salad with some of the delicious flavored oil and vinegar I got from Seasons in Bethlehem (Steve and I love that place :D). For a late night snack because I was up until almost 2:00am crocheting, I cut up an apple and sprinkled cinnamon on it.

Despite the sidetracks, yesterday morning I weighed in at 188.6lbs (eek!) and today I am at 186.2lbs (whoo!). I’m convinced it was because I ate a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet yesterday with a lot of veggies, half of which were raw, and drank more water. My body must be flushing out impurities and toxins… or something. I’m no damn doctor. ;)

I’m roughly estimating the calorie total for yesterday to be about 100 for breakfast, 360 for lunch, 120 for snack #1, 300 for Starbucks, 400 for pizza, 500 for dinner, and 70 for snack #2 which brings the total for the day to about 1800 calories. Under 2000 calories, if my estimations are somewhat correct, and overall a hell of a lot better than I have been doing. I want to do better, though, so today I’d like to aim for about 1600 calories and incorporate a longer workout session into the day’s activities.

Tomorrow I’ll have another update… and it will include some pretty pictures because I spent most of the morning cooking good stuff! :D