Diet Progress: Day 3

More pictures today!! Yay, pictures! :D

I realize that some people like to have intense work outs to get into shape, feel better, or look great in a swimsuit during the summer. Well, I’m not taking as intense of an approach because I don’t want to quickly burn myself out or get bored. I want to try and sustain working out regularly over a period of time because I have a reputation for starting a workout routine, keeping a food and workout log, and overall kicking ass on the treadmill for about a month or two… but then stopping the routine altogether when I got busy with school and the fall season in general. While I do have short and long term goals set for myself, I hope that these gradual changes in diet and exercise will do something for me over a period of time.

Aside from what I mentioned a few days ago, I realized that there were two additional motivators for why I am cutting back and exercising more:

  1. In a few weeks, around mid-to-late September, there is going to be a noticeable chill in the air. Since I’ve gained weight since last fall, that means that my fall clothes aren’t exactly fitting right now. :( Losing weight and maybe some inches will make them fit better again, and I will also be able to go shopping for some new clothes too. :D
  2. Halloween is also coming up in a few months!!! Anyone who knows me or reads regularly should already know that I love Halloween and have worked at a halloween store for the past 3 seasons (2007-2009, and hopefully this year too!) Losing weight means that I might be able to fit into some of the sexy new Leg Avenue Halloween outfits, if we get any in, and look better in the costumes that I already have. One of my favourites that I wore last year was the Mushroom Alice, but I’m very fond of their witch and vampire costumes.

With that said, about yesterday…

Coffee and yogurt for breakfast again; a brief workout before lunch, walked/jogged 1mi (4 laps) in 18 minutes and 50 seconds at a rate of 2.6-3.4mph and a % grade of 4 (incline on treadmill); and black bean soup and green salad again for lunch yesterday.

There was some extra soup, as planned, so I put it into containers to freeze. Leftover soup is great to freeze and have another time, and there were three pints left (or one quart and one pint, as pictured here… but same difference.)

After that, I wanted to make something, but I didn’t know what. When I opened my freezer to put the containers in, I saw the frozen ripe bananas and got an idea. I once saw a Youtube video for a vegan frozen “ice cream” made just out of bananas and wanted to try it. I also had some chocolate soy milk and hazelnut milk that I wanted to try to use up, too, so I figured I would make some kind of chocolate hazelnut banana “ice cream.”

5 or 6 frozen bananas were peeled, coarsely chopped, and put into the food processor.


A combo of chocolate soy milk and hazelnut milk were put into this Solo plastic cup. I half-filled it with the soy milk and topped it off with the nut milk, so there was about 6-8oz total.


At this point, I put in half of the milk mixture and processed it and it reached a thick, frozen consistency like soft serve ice cream.

A little more of the milk mixture was added along with 3tsp of Nutella and a dash of vanilla to round out the flavors. Adding the Nutella made it not vegan because it is made with skim milk. Oh well. I’m sure the Nutella could be substituted for a vegan chocolate or 100% cocoa powder (which I might have used if I had it on hand, but I ran out), or even a raw chocolate product and a homemade uncooked nut milk. Since I don’t strictly follow either diet, I’m sticking with Nutella. :D

The mixture was processed again, spread into a container, and put in the freezer to chill and harden. Here, I used an oval cake pan because it was the best thing I had on hand at the time. (I threw out all – yes, all – of my saved plastic take-out containers the other day because they were cluttering the cabinets and getting on my nerves. I need to get a set of new food storage containers soon, like the Rubbermaid containers with the lids that lock onto the bottom for easy and neat storage.)

I tried a little bit and was pleasantly surprised with the thick, ice cream-like texture that the frozen bananas gave the mixture. It tasted a lot like frozen pureed bananas, though, which isn’t a bad thing but I personally think that I should have added more chocolate. As mentioned, I probably would have added cocoa powder, or maybe some mini chocolate chips, but I didn’t have any at the time. Oh well. I would consider making this again since it is most likely lower in fat than regular ice cream, and a good source of protein, potassium, and calcium. I might even try blending this up into a shake later on. That could be pretty good…

While I am on the topic of desserts, I was reminded of a book I purchased on sale at Williams Sonoma a few years ago…

Perfect Light Desserts: “Fabulous cakes, cookies, pies, and more made with real butter, sugar, flour and eggs. All under 300 calories per generous serving” by Nick Malgieri and David Joachim

Nutrition information is provided after every recipe. All of the recipes look fabulous and really ARE under 300 calories per serving!! If you know me, you know I have a big sweet tooth. I love the fact that REAL ingredients are used in all of these recipes, and some of them have slight modifications, like using buttermilk – a highly underrated and underused ingredient – instead of regular milk, yogurt and light sour cream. I actually tried the recipe on the front cover, the raspberry tart, but I didn’t follow it exactly so I can’t say whether or not the recipe was good. I might try to make it again, though, and some of the other ones, like the Raspberry Mousse Cake (p. 60), and post about it here.

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