Review: No Reservations

On Wednesday, Josh and I went to The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley to walk around and ended up going to the movies to see No Reservations. We both wanted to see it for the longest time and, overall, we both enjoyed it, although parts were sappy.

Catharine Zeta Jones played Kate, a cold-hard bitch of a head chef at a sophisticated restaurant in New York City. After an accident which claimed the life of Kate’s sister, Kate became the caretaker of her niece, Zoe, and discovered how clueless she was when it came to taking care of other people’s needs.

After taking time off, Kate returned to her job to find that she was replaced by a man who would turn her life — and her kitchen — upside-down. Being as reluctant to change and falling in love as Kate was, it was a struggle for her to learn that life cannot be “safe” and predictable all of the time.

No Reservations had some chick flick-y parts, no doubt, and a predictable ending; but I did not mind too much and, for me, those parts did not get in the way of the movie being decent, overall. A good movie for foodies!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars