Double-chocolate Chip Cookies

Eats for Game Day (or Commercial Watching… Your Choice)

Today is the big game and, unlike basically all of my fellow Americans, I am admittedly not a huge American football fan. I’ll watch it if it is on the TV and I am out at a bar or if someone else wants to watch it, but I don’t have a favorite team and I don’t get mad about who wins or loses.

As a marketer and foodie, though, I am sure you could have guessed that I love the eating, partying, and commerical-watching aspects of game day. In the kitchen is where one might find me on any Superbowl Sunday, (craft) beer or cocktail in hand, making amazing food with friends and family, and peering in to chuckle at the funny and clever commercials now and again. Works for me.

This Superbowl Sunday is no exception. Steve and I are preparing to go to our friend’s home tonight for some food, drink, and good company. We are supposed to get snow tonight, but we are hoping that it will hold out long enough for us to have a good time and get home safely. Last year, many of us were fortunate to have a snow day the Monday following the Superbowl, so we will see if this year will be a repeat.

Of course, I can’t go anywhere empty-handed, so I made a few things to take with me…

Pimento Cheese Dip, recipe courtesy of Murray’s Cheese. The recipe calls for peppadew peppers, which are sweet, smallish round peppers that you can find at olive bars and in jars at grocery or specialty foods stores. On occasion, you might bite into one that has a subtle kick, but they are still low on the Scoville scale (method for ranking the heat level, or capsaicin concentration, of a pepper), about 1,000 Scoville units whereas a chipotle comes in around 3,500-10,000 Scoville units and a habanero around 100,000–350,000 Scoville units (or higher, for some hybrids). Peppadews have a briny flavor from the liquid in which they are preserved, a satisfying snap when eaten alone or with a small bit of mozzarella cheese or goat cheese stuffed inside (my favorite), and are typically red but I have also seen a mixture of red, green, and orange kinds at the olive bar in Fresh Market.

Peppadew Peppers

For this recipe, I didn’t have Greek yogurt (surprising, I know, since I generally have one of the large tubs on-hand for using in everything as well as eating with granola and honey in the morning or as a snack… yum), so I substituted light sour cream and Neufchatel cream cheese. I also added in a dollop of mustard for tang and used Tabasco sauce instead of the cayenne pepper. It turned out a little runnier than I was used to seeing pimento cheese, more like a dip-consistency instead of a cheese spread, which I think will be be better for dipping so people don’t have to stop and spread something on a cracker. Still tastes great.

Coconut Macaroons. The American cousin of the light, chewy, crisp and superior French macaron. Instead of making heaping mounds of super-sweet coconut globs, though, which is what people generally think of when they think “macaroon,” I flattened out the cookies so they would be super-chewy inside and crisp on the bottom. I also cut back on the sugar since I used sweetened coconut, which improved the taste, I think, and brought the coconut forward rather than just a big hit of sugar.

Coconut Macaroons

Double-chocolate Chip Cookies (white and milk chocolate chips). A must have for any casual gathering, as far as I am concerned. Nobody wants to mess around with cutting a cake, scooping a trifle or pudding, and dealing with plates and silverware.

Double-chocolate Chip Cookies Double-chocolate Chip Cookies

I can’t wait to see what Dawn is making, but I know that some good stuff is in order, so I better start getting ready so we can leave. :)

What are you looking forward to eating or drinking for the game?