“Everyday I’m Hustlin’…” (lol)

Last Friday was the last day of classes for the spring semester of my junior year. I can’t be more relieved, to tell the truth, but I’m reminded that with each passing semester that I’m that much closer to entering the so-called “real world” and that much closer to making some decisions. One major decision is obviously: What next?

I’ve been on Craigslist nearly every day and have submitted my resume to maybe three dozen places that seemed interesting. I’ve been looking for quick ways to make money (small jobs, part-time jobs, temp jobs), but also ways to make money and possibly gain college credit (internships, in other words.) I can’t tell you how many different positions I’ve applied for: marketing internships; part-time receptionist/appointment setter/secretary jobs; various jobs and internships with web/graphic design; etc. Basically, I’ve looked at any position that has the word “intern” or “part-time” in the title or description.

Out of all the resumes I’ve sent and contacts I’ve made, I have gotten some bites. I’ve had a few face-to-face interviews, several phone calls, and even more emails. Overall, it’s disappointing to know that companies are only looking to fill a few intern positions, even if they are unpaid, but yet there are countless students out there who could use the experience. Actually… who am I kidding? It sucks. Really sucks.

I’m fortunate to have a temporary job right now working for the 2010 Census bureau, going door-to-door to collect information about people who have not turned in their form that was mailed to them. I have training four days this week, starting Monday and ending Thursday, and I will hopefully start working some hours this weekend. The job will last about 4-8 weeks, but it all depends on the amount of hours available. Tomorrow we’ll actually go out and visit some households in the area with a partner to conduct some live interviews with people, but we’re actually going to be working alone after training week is over. They’re paying good money in my area, plus mileage and travel time, but it’s also a good opportunity to do some civic duty and help the community and country as a whole.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. When I get around to it, I still want to work on a re-design for this site and consider what to do with Burned-Bridges.net and the sites associated with that domain. Ideally, I’d love to set up a portfolio for my work, as a reference I can direct potential employers to and put on my resume, and I’d like to keep a weblog too. As far as the future of bbnet is concerned, I’m not sure whether or not I’ll keep the domain, have a domain that re-directs to bbnet, etc. The domain also has a page rank of 2, which is better than this domains PR (0), so I’ll maybe take that into consideration. Any ideas would be appreciated, though.