Finishing up the semester

Yesterday was the last day of classes for the semester! Whooohooo!!!

On Wednesday, I got some shitty news that I bombed the third test in my P&O class. I missed quite a few classes in November because of a lot of other obligations, so I kind of expected a grade like that. Oh well. The good news is I still have a B- in the class. If I take the optional final exam that is next Wednesday during finals week and get a better grade, the shitty grade will be completely erased and I might end up with a B or a B+ in the class, since all of my other grades are pretty good. At this point, I have nothing to lose by taking the final and I don’t have a lot going on next week, so I might as well.

To round out the semester, I have a Spanish final next Tuesday and the P&O final on Wednesday that I have to go to school for, and a paper due on 12/20 that I can email to my professors. Technically, I have a four day weekend to study, two days of tests, and then another four day weekend to finish my paper (which I want to start this weekend). The paper has to be about eight to ten pages long and I already have a topic and sources to use, some of which have been recycled from my internship paper that I wrote and turned in last Monday.

I’m actually quite proud of the papers I wrote this semester. My internship paper (remember the internship I talked about during the summer?) was about how businesses are using Facebook for marketing and advertising; another paper for a research project in my honors “Management Info. Systems” class was about how a business can have an e-commerce presence on the internet; and the third paper for my honors “Marketing and Law” class is about marketing and advertising with Facebook while also keeping the (U.S.) laws in mind (the FTC Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and others will be discussed). I am going to post them, one at a time, for anyone who is interested to read them. They are actually pretty informative without being overly dry and boring.

Speaking of internships, I ended my experience working with Princeton University Press this past Tuesday on a high note. I put in a total of 36 hours working with the assistant marketing director, who is an extremely nice woman, on a lot of different things: price checking the order forms in the upcoming catalogs, proofing the new catalogs for errors and providing recommendations for page styling and layouts, generating content to be used on Facebook and Twitter, sorting catalogs, addressing labels and stuffing envelopes with catalogs to be mailed to overseas addresses, and more. Unlike my internship experience during the summer, Princeton U. Press was definitely a very relaxed environment: I had flexible hours, clear tasks were given to me to work on at my leisure, and overall it was a place I felt very comfortable working in. Since I did not get paid for the time that I put in, I am going to receive an open letter of recommendation to use, which is great since I need some of them for grad school and job applications.

So I’m currently sitting at Steve’s house, working on crocheting this present for someone for Christmas, and pretty soon I think the books I ordered from should be coming to my house. I can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks… dios mio, lol.

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  1. This whole idea of “optional final exams” is new and foreign to me, and I haven’t been out of school that long! During my junior year, one of my favorite English profs called me at my on-campus job to tell me that, if I failed to turn in the take-home final, I would still get an A. Best finals experience ever.

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