Four Foods on Friday #115

1. What kind of olive oil do you use?
Generally I use whatever is on sale for sauteing, pan frying, etc. My friend just gave me a bottle of olive oil that she got in Italy and I also use olive oil from this local store called Seasons for special applications like putting on grilled and roasted veggies, salads, vinaigrettes, finishing sauces, etc.

2. Do you prefer salted or unsalted butter?
I personally like unsalted butter, a must for baking, but my parents generally also buy salted for eating on bread and other things.

3. What size eggs do you usually buy?
Generally the large or extra large for eating, medium or large for baking.

4. What’s in the bottom drawer of your fridge?
Two drawers with fruits and veggies.

From: Four Foods on Friday