Four Foods On Friday #99

1. How do drink your hot chocolate? Marshmallows? From boxed or scratch?
I try to make it from scratch every so often because it tastes so much better, but I also have some Godiva hot chocolate on hand that is a good substitute for scratch. I like mine with whipped cream or marshmallows, depending on my mood. :yummy;

2. Do you prefer cider hot or cold?

3. Do you like egg nog?
Yes, every once in a while. I find that if I buy a pint of it, though, I never drink the entire container; one or two small glasses is usually enough, then I am good on it for the rest of the season, lol.

4. How do you make punch?
We used to make punch all of the time on New Years Eve at my house using lemon-lime soda, fruit punch, frozen fruit, and a container of sherbert.

Four Foods on Friday