Freshening up the old place…

So a “new” layout, even though once again it is not something that I slaved hours to make. Thanks, WordPress default layout! :grin: At some point, I’ll add some nice pictures at the top, instead of the nasty stock images from the layout, but I need to find nice ones to add there first.

I also updated some of the content on the pages. Impressive, I know. At some point, I will be migrating content from to post here and use as a portal of sorts to link to pages (like a collective, I guess.) Time, of course, is my challenge, with working 40 hours per week, commuting back and forth to work, trying to get things in order to start paying back my student loans and considering graduate schools, keeping everything in order, maintaining relationships, posting Facebook updates (haha), etc. Too many things to do and not enough hours in the day, as they say.

2 thoughts on “Freshening up the old place…”

  1. Yeah, I was playing around with how to distribute the content, whether to put it in the sidebar or footer, and ultimately found including it in the footer to be more effective. I’ve had layouts like this before, so it’s nothing really “new” for me, but it is a change from the other layout. I guess  everything starts to look the same after a while, since I started my first blog/online journal when I was 12 or 13, hah.

  2. It’s very like you: based in gray and white with a splash of bright color. I have to get used to having so much info in the footer and so many share buttons, but it has potential. I also agree that the pinecone I’m looking at in this header is so not Anna. Keep at it!

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