Friday Fill-Ins #165

1. A cup of tea makes me feel all warm inside.
2. Nice-smelling candles and cookies baking in the oven makes a place feel like home.
3. Everything has its beauty, even though sometimes it is hard to see.
4. Do you like the taste of strawberries in the summer?
5. Art makes me stop and appreciate the brush strokes and small little details.
6. LOL I just noticed I forgot to buy my book for Spanish so I can read it this weekend, but now I’m snowed in. Oops.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to trying to get out of my driveway to go to school for sorority recruitment (but I don’t think that’s gonna happen), tomorrow my plans include sorority recruitment (?), and Sunday I want to get ready for Tuesday and the Flogging Molly concert!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Fill-Ins #165”

  1. One cup of out tea in the morning and 3 chocolate cookies makes my day :). I like to eat something around 10.30 am I feel hungry :) . And on Sunday I only play only PC game. It is good to read your post.

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