Goals for the new year

I hate making New Years resolutions. I really do because half of the time they are bullshit, but I do them anyway – just like everyone else. This year, I’m planning on losing those pounds I gained last year, 10-20 lbs or so to be exact. Weight loss – such a clichĂ© “resolution”, right? And probably the oldest, most used one there is, but I’m going for it and I have my reasons. One reason is I’m tired of (correction: fucking sick of) the doctor yelling at me every time I go to see her, but it’s not about her at the end of the day. There was a point in time where I was 230 lbs and managed to get down to 150 lbs – 80 lbs lost in a 2 year time period or so. I felt good at that weight and, while I don’t feel morbidly obese anymore like those people you see on television that weigh 900 lbs, I’d like to tone up and drop some pounds again.

I signed up for WebMD food and fitness tracking last March and, regrettably, didn’t keep up with it at all. Two weeks ago, I started using it again and managed to log a solid week of food and fitness tracking. I was quickly reminded why I probably stopped using it in the first place: everything I ate, I had to manually log because I couldn’t find it in the food database. It was getting to be a pain in the ass to have to copy the nutrition information off of every single label and enter it on the computer. If I was going to continue on this “weight loss journey” (a lot of people call it that, right? *rolls eyes* haha…), I needed something that was going to make food and fitness logging easy.

At the beginning of the week, I signed up for MyFitnessPal, and so far it is a good tool. Great database of food with a search function and history, so I don’t have to manually enter everything for every single meal, and there’s also a recipe calculator that I’ve used a few times. I debate the accuracy of some of the counts, such as the sodium, which can be attributed to user submitted content; a lot of entries in the database are from other users, so human error can happen when logging the information.

So I’ll keep posting every so often with updates on how I am doing. Hopefully I’ll continue to have good news to share, lol.