Here is a post about my high school graduation. I graduated a few weeks ago and forgot to post this, but I wrote it the day after. Hah. =P

The rest of my life starts now.

Last night was my high school graduation, an event which I did not think I would enjoy nearly as much as I did. Some torrential downpour delayed the ceremony at least a half hour to forty five minutes and my parents said that the tent was shaking considerably. The administrators announced that it could withstand 100mph winds — hah. The rain and trees were blowing sideways and the storm lasted long enough to saturate the ground so that my heels, once again, stuck in the mud as they did during the 8th grade graduation. Charming. Luckily, they were intelligent enough this time to put down Astroturf for us to walk on and it was not that horrible as it could have been.

When the ceremony finally started and we took our seats, the class was insane. Some of my classmates (a few of which were drunk -– really?!) smuggled in pool and beach toys and were busy blowing them up underneath their robes during the speeches. Everything broke loose when the chorus was half-way through their song, with beach balls flying everywhere and the teachers and administrators giving us dirty looks. At least the audience was on the side of the graduating class: every time a toy was confiscated, the class and the audience both booed and more beach balls appeared shortly thereafter, seemingly out of nowhere. At one point our vice principal, clearly upset, got up to the podium and asked us to show some respect… and an air horn was sounded off somewhere in the audience when she was finished speaking, followed by cheers and clapping. My god, I couldn’t stop laughing.

It really hit me today that there are some people that I have known since elementary school that I will never see again. Some, I couldn’t care less about. Others, I will feel bad for not keeping in touch, and a few I might speak to here and there online. I had a crush on one of those people until the beginning of this year, and had been through a lot with another person, a fantastic listener and friend. The fact that I will probably not see them for a long time had a sobering effect on my mood. At the same time, there is a group of people that I know that I am going to see again, and probably very soon. I met a few of them in the past year while others I have known since middle school or early in high school and have become close with. I have spent so much time with them this past year and they are people I simply love.