Homemade gifts for the holidays

Since I don’t have a hell of a lot of money to buy holiday presents with this year, I decided that I am going to give almost everyone homemade cookies as gifts. Baking is one of my better skills that I love to share with my family and friends, and a damn-good amount of time and effort is required when it comes to baking. With that said, it is my hope that my homemade gifts are going to be more heartfelt than some store-bought gifts would ever be, and besides… everyone loves cookies. :yummy:

Between yesterday and today, I think I already put in a good 4+ hours making and freezing doughs so I have them ready to bake next week. Currently in my freezer, there are: two discs of plain sugar cookie dough to roll out, cut with cookie cutters, and hand-decorate (last year I hand cut and decorated about 3 dozen snowflake sugar cookies, a process which took at least a few hours not including the time to make and freeze the dough); two logs of mint chocolate chip cookie dough to slice and bake; and chocolate chip cookies already portioned out and ready to bake. The sugar cookie dough recipe was from Alton Brown and can be found on the Food Network website; I’ve used it before and it came out good, so I’m hoping for similar results this time around. In addition, I’m probably going to make some butterscotch chip cookies, since my mom really likes those, and some spiced oatmeal raisin and/or gingerbread, two holiday essentials if you ask me.

After the cookies are baked off, I bought some cellophane bags (a pack of clear and a pack with a cute gingerbread pattern on them, to use alternatively) to individually pack the cookies in, and some holiday ribbon (red, green, and white polka-dots) to tie the bags with. Originally, I was going to buy tins to package the cookies in, but I decided that bags would be much easier to transport, maybe using a festive holiday basket (they have them for 50% off at Michaels already.) I might also include little notes with each bag of cookies, but I’m not sure yet.

I’ll try to get pictures next week of the finished products, and I’ll also try to get a picture of myself thrown in there, too, since I am sure that I will be covered in flour and other baking ingredients by the time I am done with all of this damn baking. :grin: