How Are Businesses Targeting Bloggers?

Through websites like,, and, companies can sign up as advertisers and offer campaigns that bloggers can choose to write about on their weblog. If the blog or blog author is well known, companies might also approach the person directly with campaign offers. Campaigns on these websites are filtered and offered to bloggers based on the category of the weblog, the popularity of the weblog , the amount of time the weblog has been on the internet , and other factors. Campaigns might have specific requirements, such as: keywords, links, pictures, logos, and/or embedded videos that the company wants the blogger to include in their post; a length requirement (word count) for the post; and a certain tone (positive or neutral) for the post. Examples of campaigns created by businesses and offered to bloggers on Social Spark include: promoting Wicked Fresh! Toothpaste and Mouthwash for Tom’s of Maine (Illustration 1), Purex’s new Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets, HP’s “Back to School” laptop program, and Talbots “The Red Chair Diaries” viral video series (“Sample Campaigns”).

When bloggers accept and complete a campaign, they receive some form of compensation in exchange for their efforts. Compensation for completing a campaign is negotiated ahead of time and varies depending on the popularity of the weblog, the credibility and popularity of the blogger him/herself, the length of post/review required, the level of involvement of the campaign (i.e. posting a 200 word review with a few links is less involved compared to posting a 200 word review with a few links, embedded video, and a user-created video), the website where the campaign is being offered, and other factors. The most common form of compensation received by a blogger is cash, but recently some websites have converted to a point system where points can be exchanged for cash payments, gift cards, and other rewards. Other forms of compensation include commission from sales , free products and services or special discounts on products and services.

Taken from my research assignment, Blogging and the Law. If you missed any of the previous sections, please click on the links on the sidebar to view them, and stay tuned to read the rest!