In a nutshell…

In a nutshell? This has been the story of my life for just shy of two years:

via “Marketoonist”… highly recommended if you need more laughs in your life.

Hopefully that will change in the near future, though, as my current job winds to a close. That’s right. I’m closing another chapter very soon and moving on to different things. I’m not going to say “new and better things” just yet, since who knows what the future truly holds in store for us and I don’t want to jinx it; however, I am very hopeful and very excited about what is to come. Until then, I have some good stuff planned over the next two weeks, enough to unwind and relax before mass chaos starts. The beginning of the semester and a new job? I couldn’t have planned it better!

(By the way, I don’t really like that expression, “in a nutshell”. Talk about overused. In fact, not sure why I used it, but the fact that it’s almost 1:00 am comes to mind as a good reason.)