Kicking it up with hot sauce

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

I think that people tend to avoid using hot sauces as condiments because of how ridiculously spicy some of them can be. Sure, hot sauces with names or descriptions that include the words BLAZINGLY HOT and XXX-TRA HOT can be awfully intimidating, but the truth is not all hot sauces are burn-your-tastebuds-off spicy.

Most of the sauces with those colorful names and descriptive adjectives often include a pure form of capsaicin, the active chemical compound found naturally in chili peppers which causes irritation to both humans and animals (in other words, that “spicy” sensation in your mouth when you consume it), along with vinegar and some other simple ingredients to really maximize the heat level. To find a quality hot sauce, one which imparts flavor as well as a certain level of heat, read the ingredient label and/or look into the history of the brand. In addition to what’s in it, a quality hot sauce might even have a history to accompany it (a trial-and-error process, some family roots, a few funny stories, etc.) 

It goes without saying that TABASCO® Original Red Hot Sauce is a great example of a well-known product with a well-known brand to back its quality. A few simple ingredients go into every batch of Original Red: red peppers, salt, and vinegar. From there, a three-year aging process in wooden barrels brings out a deeper pepper flavor which works to enhance foods of all kinds. And talk about brand/product history: The first batch of Original Red was introduced by the McIllhenny family back 1868 – 143 years ago. WOW!

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many bottles of Original Red we consume at my house in a given year and I remember it being a pantry staple ever since I was a child. (Some might even remember that I ran the Tabasco® fanlisting a few years ago!) My dad uses as a condiment on everything from eggs to hamburgers and beyond, and now I include it in my recipes whenever an extra “kick” is needed. Believe it or not, I also really enjoy using it on pizza, since it really adds a nice peppery, spicy taste to just about anything without being overly hot. Talk about Pizza Perfected

With the Super Bowl coming up, you might be thinking about what to serve on your Game-Day Party Menu. I can think of a lot of great party favorites which would really benefit by adding a few shakes of Tabasco®: Buffalo Wings, Chili con Carne, and Nacho Cheese Dip are three that come to mind first.

What about you? What other foods do you like adding a little bit of heat to?

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