Lights, Camera, Party! My Upcoming Oscars® Viewing Party

So, I originally planned on doing a recap of the Superbowl Ads this week. Since I didn’t particularly enjoy many of the ads this year and everybody else is probably beating that dead horse, anyway, I am pleased to say that I have some other exciting news to share.

A few years back, I joined, a website where you can sign-up to host parties sponsored by well-known brands. Past parties have included the likes of trying out the new Keurig brewer, cheering on the puppies in the Puppy Bowl on Superbowl Sunday for a chance to win gift cards and other prizes, and celebrating the new year with products from Blue Moon. Hosts receive a themed gift package, coupons for products, and other things to use at the party as well as access to party print-outs and planning tools via the website.

I applied for a few parties in the past and was not accepted, probably due to the overwhelming demand, so imagine my surprise when I received an email today that told me to complete my application and invite 10 friends in the next half hour for a very good chance to host a party. I had some time so I jumped right on that and invited close friends and family members whom I was sure would be interested in attending. When I hit submit, I was notified that, indeed, I would be a party host for the upcoming Oscars® Viewing Party, sponsored by Marriott Rewards®! Fun!

I immediately reached out to everyone (maybe you were on that list and are reading this now…) again to let them know that the invitation was real, since I know that I receive a ton of emails and am not always sure about what is junk and what is not, and to encourage them to RSVP soon. I also created a page on Facebook to invite any friends for whom I did not have email address information. People invited, now the party prep can continue!

The cat already has his formal attire ready to go, so we’re covered there. ;)


Recommended food and drink recipes were posted to the party planning page, courtesy of chefs and partners in association with the J.W. Marriott brand. I will need to review them in more detail when I make my final menu plan, but if the recommendations are anything like what I ate or drank while staying at the J.W. Marriott while vacationing in L.A. a few years ago, then I am certainly looking forward to making just about all of the recipes on the provided list. At first glance, a drink called the bee and the monk — honey vodka, yellow Chartreuse, honey syrup, coconut water, lemon juice, lemon bitters, and turmeric — sounds amazing, as does the bluegrass smash, which features one of my favorite things, Makers Mark bourbon. Either way, I will get some good use out of my bar cart and possibly have a great opportunity to try out some of those bourbon drinks that I mentioned previously, too, come February 22nd.

Bar Cart

More to come as I plan for the big party day!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to write this post; however, I was chosen to participate in‘s Oscars® Viewing Party, sponsored by Marriott Rewards®. All opinions are 100% factual and my own. For more information about sponsored content and advertising on, please see the site-wide Disclosure Policy.

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