Living Through The First Snow Of Winter

Sponsored guest post written by Kevin Beach

The first snow of winter usually occurs in a comfortable place, not in a store 30 miles from home. Although this is usually true, it’s something that I have seen a deviation from. I actually got stuck in a store during the first snow of winter a few years ago. This wasn’t the most pleasant experience ever, but it made me appreciate those lucky winters when the first snow is light and I’m at home while it’s falling. Never go anywhere if you see the snow accumulating. By doing this, you let yourself enjoy the goodness of the snow in your own home, where you can relax and enjoy it with your family.

That’s what I do now. I stay home, make warm drinks, and enjoy the company of the people that I love the most. We watch Direct Star TV after we’ve determined that it’s too cold and snowy to go outside and we enjoy the entire evening together, maybe with some good Christmas music when the day is over. There’s nothing that my family doesn’t enjoy about the first snow of winter and I suspect we’ll always enjoy this type of snow and share our memories with each other many years from now. It’s a special time for all of us and it will continue to be a special time for generations to follow.