Review: The Hills Have Eyes 2

Last night while my parents and I were watching TV, my dad accidentally clicked the button on the changer to order The Hills Have Eyes 2. I wanted to see this movie, but I had not yet seen the first one and neither had my parents. It was not that difficult to follow even though none of us had seen the first one, though, being a silly horror movie…

The film opened up with a woman giving birth to a still-born child and a mutated man helping — and I use that term loosely — her deliver. Exactly what I was hoping to see as soon as the movie began. Lovely. A caption on the screen after that scene told us that a family had gotten lost many years ago in this deserted area of New Mexico, where the Army ran nuclear testing, and they were slaughtered. I guess that was what the first movie was about — this family and their horrific vacation. Scientists were out in this area now, conducting research and setting up some things in the abandoned military base. A squad of Marine trainees were sent to drop off some things to the scientists and when the Marines arrived nobody was to be found! The Marines started out to find any trace of the scientists and discovered the ugly truth of what was really going on there.

In short, I did not hate the movie. It was entertaining – better than some that I have seen or wasted money for a movie ticket to see in the past. It was gross at some parts, about the same level of “grossness” as the Saw movies, I would say. I would still like to see the first part of the series, just so I can better understand what was going on in the second; and the ending of this movie totally set it up for a third one, which I might also consider seeing… when it comes out on DVD.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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  1. I watched The Hills Have Eyes 2 this weekend. I’ve not seen the first either. But the second was good though. It’s a very sad and scary film!

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