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That last post wasn’t exactly an epic novel and nor was it supposed to be. It was just a small update expressing my happiness about the server change going through smoothly, thanks to my super new host and the help of the tech support guys over at the help desk. In the future, I will probably disable comments on small posts like those, since there is really nothing to them.

Anyway. Moving on.

A few days ago, I went to see Ratatouille and left as amazed with Pixar’s work as I always have been. Hands-down, pixar make some of the best kids movies out there that adults can also find some enjoyment in watching. Somebody really did his or her homework in order to create Ratatouille. The depiction of how crazy a professional kitchen can be during dinner time, the roles of the chefs, and the cooking terminology were all successfully incorporated.

On the 4th of July, I did not have a BBQ and I did not go to see fireworks, either. In fact, the fireworks and BBQs probably sucked because it was raining – pouring, at some points. Instead, I worked and went to see Live Free or Die Hard. The movie was kind of neat, but I did not feel that there was a great climax. Simply put, there was a large hacking operation in progress, disrupting the entire nation, and of course, Bruce Willis’ character John McClane had to figure out who was behind it, stop it from happening, and kick their asses. Simple, effective action movie plot line, and that was about it. It had some good action, but parts of it were completely unbelievable. For his character’s age, he fell from great heights and jumped out of a moving car… all of this without saying, “Fuck this, I can’t do this anymore…” or just not being able to get up and conquer the next task? Ok.

Last night I also watched the Reno 911 movie for the first time and it was hilarious. A good movie, if you like senseless comedies or making fun of cops, at least.

3 thoughts on “Movies and Such”

  1. I saw Ratatouille when it was first realeased, and I must say I agree with you. The best children’s movies are those with subtle adult humor that the kids might not understand but the parents and possibly babysitters taking little children would enjoy. I really want to see Live Free or Die Hard but I read a few unflattering reviews. I’ll probably still go see it – Screw cranky critics!

    By the way, I think you’re a really good writer. I enjoyed how you organized your blog post.

    Take Care!

  2. I went to see Ratatouille just last night–I agree it was great! The friend I went with was not so excited to see it with me after I forced her to go, but she loved it in the end.
    I’m sorry you had a no-fireworks/no-bbq 4th of July! That’s no fun, next year will probably be better.

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