My first ever “true” vector image

I have been working on basically one graphic for the past few months. Haha. It is my first ever true “vector” image, created with Illustrator. I exported it to PSP7 in order to put the border and text on, but the final image will be from Illustrator. I used an image of Gwen Stefani for the base pose and took it from there. It needs a lot of work, especially on the hair and the eyes, but it is certainly a start and a step up from my first-ever “vexel” image (a vector-style image created in a raster program, like PSP or PS.)

The gallery is coming along well. It was a good opportunity to filter out a lot of the junk images that I previously uploaded. In order to cut down on the amount of space used, I am uploading only the .jpg renders of the graphics (.gif is not an allowed file type in the Coppermine Gallery.) I would upload the .png files, but each .png file is anywhere from 500kb to over 1mb in size and that is a hell of a lot of space for a gallery of 100 or more files. A majority of the graphics in the gallery are examples of my older work. A lot of them were not ultra-excellent to begin with, but I am uploading them for the purpose of tracking my progress. When I create some newer graphics, I will upload better quality renders.